New Patients

Our practice is committed to helping our patients with any type of hand or shoulder related condition. We participate in nearly all health insurance plans, including Medicare, Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault.

New patients are given prompt appointments, usually within a few days. Our Staff members are available to address patients’ medical, administrative and financial needs.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our doctors thoroughly evaluate each patient to obtain an accurate diagnosis. If necessary, x-rays will be taken and additional testing, such as an MRI, may be required.

After all test results are reviewed, each patient is provided with a comprehensive treatment program, personalized to their condition and individual needs.

Depending on the condition, non-surgical treatment is often recommended. Patients are assisted in obtaining the appropriate care, such as physical therapy. Minor office procedures such as injections or splinting may be also be suggested,

Surgery and Aftercare

When surgery is necessary, we use less invasive techniques. Many procedures are done arthroscopically or through minimal incisions, utilizing specialized techniques and instruments. This significantly reduces pain after surgery and patient recovery time. In most cases, patients may go home right after surgery.

After surgery, Dr. Kung, Dr. Labana or Dr. Seshadri personally supervise all follow-up office care. We have created a comprehensive therapeutic protocol to help our patients attain the most rapid and optimal recovery possible.

New Patient Forms

Please download the following forms, print out, fill out and bring in during your first visit.

If the new patient is a MINOR please also print out, fill out, and bring in the following form

If you are a WORKER’S COMPENSATION patient please print out, fill out, and bring in the following form

If you are a LIABILITY/AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT patient please print out, fill out, and bring in the following forms” followed by links to the liability info. and payment policy sheets.